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Good education - A virtue

We, all concerned , in SAHYADRI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES hereby take this pledge that we will proactively prepare the participants of our management progrmmes to embrace the challenges of changes cheerfully, competently, confidently and concertedly in this post Globalization Liberalization Privatization period in business environment.

We will provide them with needed knowledge inputs , promote multi-skills and inculcate right attitude and values.

Our total emphasis is not only on producing marketable MBA products as competent candidates for the Corporate World but also HOLISTICLLY developing them as all-round effective personalities with leadership prowess to strive and succeed in their persona , professional, positional and public domains of interactions and engagements.

All our efforts and expertise will be channelized in above endeavor to realize our above the aim in Sahyadri institute of Management Studies.

DR.R.R.Manjeshwar, PhD(HRM);M.M.S;D.C.P.&A.S;D.B.M.M.I.I.I.E;M.I.S.T.D;M.N.I.P.M.,F.P.D.P.C.CERT.L/A ISO(UK); M.D.Prinayan Proactive Educons;B.E.(Elect.)

Shri. Nitin Patil
Executive Director

Say NO to boundaries

“Geographical boundaries are dissolving. And Global Managers are evolving.

Indian Managers have made such huge impacts in world’s largest Multi-national companies. Their revolutionary thinking, out-of-the-box concepts have made waves on global levels. Indra Nooyi, managing the global giant Pepsi Co, Arun Sareen who made Vodafone one of the most recalled brands, Vikram Pandit who is set to reinvent the course for Citibank, are just some names that I want you to take inspiration from.

At Sahyadri Institute of Management Studies we will equip students with infrastructure and learning that will enable them to comprehend the world and make a difference to it. Like internet connection in the computer lab, latest world renowned books, magazines & journals in the library, lectures by faculty who have seen-it-all and done-it-all and much more. We also pay special attention in developing the right attitude, outlook and confidence in our students. Special Programs, Exceptional methods – Workshops, Guest Lectures and Seminars contribute to not only developing a sharp business mind but also a sound and complete personality. We strongly believe that our efforts will produce a unique breed of managers from Sahyadri Institute of Management Studies.

I am glad that you have chosen an Institute that has a remarkable growth potential, which you will equally be a part of. I am expecting you to be a student as well a contributor on this road map.

Looking forward to see you at the Sahyadri Institute of Management Studies campus. Come in and get set to claim the world!”

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